Do you have views on cycling in Sopot that you would like to share with the city authorities? If so, a meeting taking place this week, on two wheels, will give you an opportunity to share them.

Sopot is already home to hundreds of kilometres of modern cycling paths, but the city authorities are currently reviewing their policies and aims in this area and an event has been organised for this Wednesday (September 18) for you to meet with them and contribute to the final policy document.

Residents, local officials and councillors in Sopot are all invited to take part in a bicycle ride around the city. The event will begin at 16:15 from the town hall on ul. Kościuszki 25/27.

The ride will be the final element of the review of the cycling policy of the City of Sopot. During the trip, together with representatives of the Polskiej Unii Mobilności Aktywnej (Polish Union of Active Mobility), you can examine the strengths and weaknesses of the city’s cycling infrastructure and together try to find solutions that will offer even more benefits to users. It will be a great opportunity to submit your comments, conclusions and proposals regarding cycling solutions in Sopot in terms of area covered; path maintenance; technical solutions and ideas etc. This event will be the final step before the document is published. The ride will take about an hour.

The Sopot study trip will take place in the middle of the European Week of Sustainable Transport. It will also give everyone involved a great opportunity to gain more points in the ongoing cycling game ‘Wkręć się w Sopot‘ (Get into Sopot). Each year, during the European Week of Sustainable Transport, there is a European-wide competition to see which city’s residents can clock up the most combined kilometres on their bicycles. You can get involved by downloading the Activy app (download iOS here and Android here) and choosing the ‘Wkręć się w Sopot’ option from the various competitions available. Simply download, register and get peddling. Don’t forget, if you don’t own your own bicycle you can pick up one of the many Mevo bikes parked up around the city. Good luck.