Residents and tourists alike now have a set of new information signs to help them, which have been erected around the city. These are part of a 2 million PLN investment in the City Information System, which covers the whole of Sopot and provides basic information on the names of streets, tourist attractions, cultural institutions, categorised hotels and campsites.

The Sopot City Information System is an original project dedicated to the City of Sopot and designed by the Świerszcze company. Every information sign, column and pylon follow a consistent design format which was created following analysis of the city, its architecture and typography and the information that appeared in the past on boards around the city. The idea was to create an individualised system and this can be seen in the original font and specially designed symbols.

The range of colours used is inspired by the colours of the Bay of Gdansk. It has a distinctive but non-intrusive colour palette. The layout of the signs and the symbols used have also been standardised. Thanks to the colours used, the signs blend in with their surroundings, and at the same time create clear orientation points.

The system is divided into three sections: pedestrian, road and ‘large’ road traffic i.e. Niepodległości Avenue. It includes various media with visual messages, including signs with names of Sopot streets; house numbers and information pylons with a map showing the location and distance to the nearest attractions such as theatres, museums or hotels.

Visitors to Sopot will now find clear bilingual information (signs for pedestrians are also in English) on aesthetic and modern media, which along with the symbols, will make it easier for them to negotiate the city and to reach specific places. The system also includes information for motorists.

In the first stage, information pylons appeared around the city with a map of Sopot for pedestrians and information signs marking hotels for road users. Ultimately, the City Information System will include:

• Signs with street names
• Signs with tourist destinations
• Signs with hotel names
• Signs with building numbers
• Signs showing the ‘Paid parking zone’
• Signs with place descriptions
• Information pylons with a map and hotel information pylons.