200 years as a Spa Resort

Seaside climat and mineral water springs

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200 years as a Spa Resort

Jean Georges Haffner, a physician in Napoleon’s Army, interested in the healing properties of sea baths, described the circumstances of the founding of a bathing establishment in Sopot like this “. . . it seemed to me that a very picturesque, charming beach near Gdańsk was particularly suitable for setting up a bathing resort–

The village of Sopot was chosen because of its highly romantic location. “I opened the bathing complex in 1823. . .” And so a new chapter began in the history of the hitherto peaceful village–Sopot became a health resort.

Since then, under the watchful eye of Jean Georges Haffner, Sopot grew and developed modern bathing facilities, parks and road infrastructure. The belief in the healthiness of sea bathing was becoming more and more common, so the number of patients increased. Years passed and the fishing village turned into a health resort and, over time, into a renowned spa known throughout Europe, gaining the name of the Riviera of the North.

200 years later, the city proudly continues its resort traditions. Beautiful sandy beaches, the longest wooden pier in Europe and the famous Monciak (Monte Cassino Street) still attract tourists and patients. Today’s Sopot has a lot to offer also outside the tourist season. It is a perfect place for walks and outdoor recreation at any time of year. The resort is also at the forefront of the greenest cities in Poland. Likewise, Sopot is the leader in the ranking of cities with the cleanest air–and this is the best recommendation for lovers of an active and healthy lifestyle. Anyone who appreciates intimate cultural events, seaside walks and wants to learn about the healing power of the local brine water should definitely visit Sopot.

We invite everyone to discover the charms of a resort with a 200-year tradition.


Sopot is undoubtedly the most beautiful resort in Poland today. Nothing happens by accident, the city has worked for this position. The effort pays off, and two hundred years of tradition and consistency in action pay off.

Already in the nineteenth century, patients who wanted to improve their health thanks to healing baths were coming to Sopot. Over time, the offer of the Sopot baths was extended by massages and dry baths, as well as radiation. The status of the international resort of Sopot gained in the interwar period. The treatments for the Polish sea were coming from all over Europe and the visit in Sopot was not only beneficial for health, but also in many circles obligatory for social reasons.

Currently, there are over a dozen high-class SPA centers operating in Sopot. The range of services offered by them can surprise with wealth and diversity. Both enthusiasts of exotic massages and more traditional treatments will find something for themselves. What undoubtedly connects Sopot spa and wellness centers is to base a significant part of the offer on the richness of the sea. Salts, amber and sea algae are an irreplaceable basis for many unique treatments.

The natural wealth of Sopot is above all the seaside climate, attractive location, green areas constituting 60% of the city’s area and sources of healing mineral waters. You can enjoy the spa qualities of the city at every turn. The concentration of iodine is even twice as high on the furthest-off parts of the Sopot Pier. In the Southern Park, characteristic mushroom-shaped fountains await walkers. The salt brine flowing from them (supplied from the Saint Adalbert’s Spa, where it flows automatically from a depth of 800 m) is used for inhalation with chronic inflammatory and allergic airways. Specially diluted brine can also be tried in the Salt Water Pump Room, located on the top floor of the Spa House.

Seaside climat and mineral water springs

Seaside climat and mineral water springs

The natural riches of Sopot are primarily the seaside climate, fresh air, green areas, which constitute 60% of the city’s area and its healing mineral water springs.

Sopot is characterized by a seaside climate, in which the content of iodine and health-promoting essential oils from the surrounding coniferous forests is particularly important, which makes it an ideal place for active recreation in the bosom of nature or for taking advantage of healing treatments based on Sopot brine, used for health baths and inhalation.

You can take advantage of the city’s healing properties at every step. At the farthest end of the Sopot pier, the concentration of iodine is up to twice as high as on land. While bathing, thanks to the microelements that are found in Sopot’s seawater, sand and sea air, we strengthen our body. Bathing in the waves offers a wonderful body massage, which has rejuvenating and firming properties and helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Paddling in the sea helps to improve blood flow in the legs and makes the vein walls more flexible.
Walks along the seashore and the pier, especially in the sea breeze, make thalassotherapy possible. Meanwhile, the proximity of the beach in sunny weather allows you to take advantage of heliotherapy. The beautiful forests covering the moraine plateau encourage walks and terrain therapy. Vitamin D from the sun, a breeze rich in iodine and surrounding coniferous forests emitting essential oils and fragrances are all close at hand. Along with all of these options, we also have something else – Sopot spa waters.

The spa waters, or brine, from the St. Wojciech spring flow spontaneously from a depth of 800m. It is a 4.3% bromide-iodine brine, containing large amounts of potassium, magnesium, and iodine. The brine contains the same percentage of salt as the Red Sea. In its natural concentration of 4.3% it can only be used for external purposes such as inhalation or bathing. The brine is only suitable for drinking in a diluted form and you can try it in the Brine Water Pump Room located on the top floor of the Spa House (entrance is via the panoramic elevator). Diluted brine can be used to supplement mineral salt deficiencies. Salt waters are also recommended for gastrointestinal disorders and as a supplement for people with diabetes. But be careful – drinking the brine as a treatment should only be done following consultation with a doctor, especially in cardiovascular and kidney cases.

Salt baths

The brine has unique healing properties used in hydrotherapy, cosmetology and natural medicine. It mineralizes the body through the skin. It influences effective hydration and elasticity, perfectly softens the epidermis and effectively improves the condition of the skin. Salt baths, by activating the mineral exchange and cleansing the skin, have a positive effect on both the changes taking place on the skin and the overall body through the nervous system and the penetration of certain components through the skin. Brine baths soothe, calm, and relax and can be used by both adults and children. Treatments in the brine pool are aimed at prevention, treatment, and maintenance of psychophysical health. Classes in brine pools are offered by the Pomeranian Rheumatology Centre, Sport for Health Foundation at the pool at the Sopot Sailing Club and at Hotel Sopotorium, while therapeutic brine treatments in baths are also available at the Sopot Health Resort and the MSWiA Sanatorium.
In the middle part of the Southern Park, next to the Southern Baths and in front of the entrance to the Balneology House can be found ‘Inhalation mushrooms’, to which brine flows directly from the St. Wojciech spring. You can take brine from them and use them to prepare your own moisturizing hand baths.
Brine cosmetics belong to the group of balneo cosmetics, i.e. cosmetics containing natural medicinal raw materials. Due to the content of minerals, the brine contained in the cosmetics has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, helps heal skin inflammations, cleanses the skin of toxins, and has other antibacterial properties. They are recommended for those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, acne and other skin disorders.

Use of the graduation towers

By using the graduation tower, we relieve the work of our kidneys and liver, and help to strengthen the immune system. Magnesium and copper contained in the brine-filled air improves metabolism, and selenium cleanses our body of free radicals.
The salts it contains also fight rheumatic pains, thus improving our overall health condition. Doctors also recommend treatment in graduation towers for people suffering from various allergies, including skin allergies. Saline inhalation treatments are offered by the Sopot Health Resort, the Pomeranian Rheumatology Centre, and the MSWiA Sanatorium. Graduation towers can be found in the Sopot Health Resort and the Sopotorium hotel, while in the Sopot Sailing Centre 34 you can use the public, graduation tower located in the open air for free.

Sopot brine

Cations mg/dm³ Anions mg/dm³
Ammonium 2.05 Chloride 24992.25
Sodium 12370.00 Bromide 83.00
Potassium 92.00 Iodine 4.40
Calcium 2204.40 Bicarbonate 63,09
Magnesium 1154.50 Sulphate 1774.60
Ferric 0.45 Fluoride 0.30
Strontium 80.00 Undissociated components:
Lithium 0.20 Metaboric acid 27.34
Baric Less than 0.10 Metasilic acid 6.20

Therapeutic spa offer

Balneological Department

The plant is located in the Pomeranian rheumatic center. Dr. Jadwiga titz-kosko in sopot on ul. Grunwaldzka 1-3, before entering the pier, and from 1982 I am in the register of monuments.

The construction of the building began in 1903 and was completed in 1904. It was designed by paul puchmüller and heinrich dunkiel. Before the balneological facility, the area was occupied by Jerzy Haffner’s swimming pool. On the wall of the plant there is a plaque in memory of Jerzy Haffner. The building object is decorated with sculptures and stained glass windows. The siren and triton sculptures, as well as the city coat of arms, which is the oldest in the sopce, have been placed above its main portal. The Secession stained-glass windows of Ferdinand Müller from Quedlinburg are on the windows of the treatment rooms. The chimney was enclosed with a tower, and at its top there is a glass viewing gallery. Previously, it also served as a lighthouse.

In the facility, you can use various treatments such as; brine baths, cryotherapy, kinesitherapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, inhalation and rehabilitation of motor organs. In front of the balneological plant there is a fountain, from which water is pumped from the spa of St. Adalbert.

Address: ul. Grunwaldzka 1/3, 81-807 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 555 75 20
Website: www.pcrsopot.pl

Sanatorium "Leśnik"

run by the SPZOZ Uzdrowisko Sopot

Treatment profile:

  • Allergies: respiratory allergies,
  • Circulatory system: Hypertension, Coronary disease, Vasoneurosis, Venuos system disorders,
  • Laryngological: Sinusitis, Pharyngitis,
  • Metabolism: Obesity, Thyroid,
  • Nervous system: Lumbago, Lumbalgia,
  • Organs of movement: Post-traumatic states of joints and bones, Post-traumatic states of soft tissue, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Osteoarthrosis, Faulty postures and congenital malformations, Osteoporosis,
  • Respiratory tracts: Infections of respiratory tract, States after pneumonia and bronchitis,
  • Rheumatic: Rheumatoid arthritis.

Address: 23 Marca 105, 81-820 Sopot
Phone: + 48 58 552 72 63
Mail: lesnik@sanatoria.com.pl
Website: www.lesnik.sanatoria.com.pl

Sanatorium MSWiA

Treatment profile:

  • Cardiologic: Cardiac arrest,
  • Circulatory system: Hypertension, Coronary disease, States after cardiac arrest , Vasoneurosis, States after heart surgeries, valve surgeries and blood vessel operations ,
  • Laryngological: Sinusitis, Pharyngitis,
  • Metabolism: Diabetes, Obesity, Thyroid,
  • Nervous system: Lumbago, Lumbalgia,
  • Neurological: Sciatic neuralgia, Spinal degeneration,
  • Organs of movement: Arthritis, Osteoarthrosis, Osteoporosis, Rehabilitation of the disabled,
  • Respiratory tracts: Chronic pneumonia, Asthma, Infections of respiratory tract, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Bronchiectasis, Pneumoconiosis, Cor pulmonale, States after pneumonia and bronchitis,
  • Rheumatic: Rheumatoid arthritis.

Address: Bitwy pod Płowcami 63/65, 81-756 Sopot
Phone: + 48 58 550 70 06
Mail: sekretariat@sanatorium-helios.com.pl
Website: www.sanatorium-helios.com.pl

Center for Therapy, Education and Sports Activation

run by the "Sport na Zdrowie" Foundation

Innovative therapies for civilization diseases among children (asthma, atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases, obesity, posture defects and neurological diseases) and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through sport activity and health education with Sopot brine in the background is a mission
Sport on Health Foundation
Center for Therapy, Education and Sports Activation.

The resort is located in the Sopot Sailing Center at ul. Bitwy pod Płowców 67. The property has modern
brine pool with Sopot brine derived from Zdrój Saint. Wojciech, treatment base, doctor's offices and sport infrastructure.

We run rehabilitation and improvement classes for children and Halliwick rehabilitation at the brine pool. In addition, the Center runs the Academy of Movement Activity and sailing classes for children with both civilization diseases and pronounced disability. As part of cooperation with the Polanki Children's Hospital Maciej Płażyński in Gdańsk, during cyclical educational meetings at the Atopy School and the Asthma School, we help families get to know and tame these diseases.

Center for Therapy, Education and Sports Activation is the only place in Poland where we not only help to heal, but also support families and teach how to manage the disease.

Address: ul. Bitwy pod Płowcami 67, 81-731 Sopot
Phone: + 48 539 621 647
Mail: biuro@sportnazdrowie.org
Website: www.sportnazdrowie.org, www.terapiaisport.pl

Sopot Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Address: Kościuszki 38, 81-759
Phone: +48 58 551 15 12, + 48 669 824 284
Mail: kontakt@scfir.gd.pl
Website: sopotrehabilitacja.pl

Sopotorium Medical Resort

SOPOTORIUM Medical Resort is a new facility on the spa map of Sopot. It is a combination of a luxury hotel located right next to the beach with a rich curative offer and a modern SPA center.
The Medical Center offers balneological treatments using healing brine from the source in Sopot, in the form of baths and inhalations. On the area of ​​approx. 2000 m2 there are treatment rooms, exercise rooms, a cryochamber, a saline pool, and an internal inhalation chamber. Guests can take advantage of hydrotherapy, physiotherapy (including therapeutic massages, kinesitherapy), physical therapy (including laser therapy, electrotherapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound therapy), phytotherapy, and receive advice from a dietician. The facility specializes in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine and joints, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological diseases, disorders of the circulatory system, respiratory system, hypertension and pain syndromes. An experienced team of specialists and modern medical equipment will ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment or rehabilitation. Commercial offer.
The water zone consists of a swimming pool with brine water, jacuzzi, saunas (Finnish, steam, infrared) and a gym. In the Spa center, guests will find a wide range of body and face cosmetic treatments, hand and foot care treatments, as well as relaxing massages.

Address: Bitwy pod Płowcami 52, 81-731 Sopot
Phone: + 48 58 5353 59 00
Mail: info@sopotorium.pl
Website: www.sopotorium.pl/

Recreation and Sailing Center "Sopot 34"

Recreation and Sailing Center "Sopot 34" is located in the immediate vicinity of the Sopot beach. We have fully equipped holiday homes, caravans for rent and stands for trailers, campers and tents. The resort has a Garden SPA with Sopot salt flowing out of the Zdroj St. Wojciech, the first external graduation tower in Sopot and a school of sailing and windsurfing.

Address: ul. Bitwy pod Płowcami 55, 81-731 Sopot
Phone: +48 882 379 198
Mail: info@sopot34.pl
Website: sopot34.pl



Dr Irena Eris BEAUTY PARTNER is a salon based in the five-star Sofitel Grand Sopot. Relying on the extensive knowledge and long experience of the Dr Irena Eris brand, professional staff deliver superb care to clients, with a focus on the body and senses, so that they feel thoroughly revived in this unique place.

The salon consists of five treatment rooms fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. New highlights include a treatment room for two and a relaxation area with stunning views of the sandy beach and the sea. The salon offers signature personalized facials, relaxing massages, and sensual beauty rituals that bring a state of deep relaxation.

The offer is complemented by a wide array of treatments based on Dr Irena Eris REVICORE Hi-Tech System technologies: oxybrasion, ultrasound remodeling, no-needle mesotherapy, oxygen infusion, diamond microdermabrasion, vacuum massage – DERMADRENAGE, RF-Biolaser radiofrequency, as well as Dr Irena Eris PRO SYSTEM HOME CARE, a line of top-rated cosmetics for at-home skin care, available for purchase on the premises.

Each treatment is preceded by a professional skin diagnosis.

Address: Powstańców Warszawy 12/14, 81-718 Sopot
Website: instytuty.drirenaeris.com/en/find-institute/sofitel-grand-hotel-sopot

Hotel Haffner SPA

Harmonious atmosphere prevailing at the SPA & Wellness Institute promotes relaxation and restoration of vitality. Professional SPA treatments tailored to individual needs, massages, saunas and soothing water in the pool enable full recovery of stress and achieving harmony. A team of experienced massage therapists, physiotherapists, beauticians and trainers supervises the comfortable relaxation of the guests. We provide professional care and professional support at the swimming pool, in beauty salons and at the gym. We work on the best equipment and cosmetics from prestigious global brands.

Address: Haffnera 59, 81-715 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 550 98 53
Mail: spa@hotelhaffner.pl
Website: www.hotelhaffner.pl

Mera SPA

Mera Spa consisting of 35 treatment rooms, 4 swimming pools, including the only on the Polish coast, an open swimming pool on the hotel's roof (available only for guests over 16 years of age). The PANORAMA viewing terrace and the swimming pool located there are open only in the summer season (depending on weather conditions).

RELAX THIS IMPORTANT! Do you know that you need rest as well as food and traffic?
Remember your needs - regular physical and mental hygiene is essential to be able to face the hardships of everyday life. Rested people are beautiful people.

Address: Bitwy pod Płowcami, 81-731 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 766 60 80
Mail: spa@mera-spa.com
Website: www.mera-spa.com

Sheraton Sopot Spa

Sheraton Spa offers a wide range of treatments using professional cosmetic lines Dermalogica and Ella Bache. The spa offers 11 private offices, including one dedicated to couples in which experienced therapists ensure that selected body massage becomes a pleasant moment of relaxation and tranquility. In addition to many treatments and massages, Sheraton Spa invites you to the Spa Experience, the only such wellness area in Sopot. The guests will enjoy the relaxing world of swimming pools and saunas, including the Infrared sauna and the unique Rasul chamber for couples, sensory showers, a hydropool with an admixture of Sopot brine and heated couches. Sheraton Spa is also a place of active recreation. A fully equipped Sheraton Fitness gym, personal trainers and a gym with classes in small groups, allow you to take care of the body and good mood.

Address: Powstańców Warszawy, 81-718, Sopot
Phone: +48 58 767 19 00
Mail: spa.sopot@sheraton.com
Website: www.sheratonsopotspa.pl

SPA w Aquapark Sopot

Aqua Spa in Aquapark Sopot is a place where you can, among others use various types of saunas (8 to choose from), massages, beauty treatments, a tepidarium or a relaxation room.
Spa treatments were created for all those who want to take a step towards vitality choosing their favorite rituals. The suggestions included in the menu are carefully selected treatments and SPA ceremonies for the body and face. Each of them is unique - each of them will affect you differently. Feel the beauty and harmony.
The world of relaxation, tranquility and comfort is in this place.

Address: Zamkowa Góra 5, 81-713, Sopot
Phone: + 48 58 555 85 23, +48 508 263 439
Mail: bok@aquaparksopot.pl
Website: www.aquaparksopot.pl

Spa&Wellness Hotel Sopot ****

The luxurious Botanical Wellness & Day Spa at the Hotel Sopot proves in an unusual way how the whole body is composed of the senses and mind. We believe that free time is the quintessence of luxury. That is why we are so committed to working closely with you to understand the uniqueness of your needs and to make the time spent with us truly memorable. Botanical Wellness Day Spa will make you feel deep satisfaction, a kind of renewal and completely nourished body, mind and soul. We have 5 treatment rooms, where you can undergo treatments specially prepared for you by our specialists.

Address: Jana Jerzego Haffner 88, 81-715 Sopot
Phone: + 48 58 882 80 28
Mail: spa@hotelsopot.eu
Website: www.hotelsopot.eu/wellness

SPA Hotel Testa*****

SPA Testa is deeply connected with the Baltic Sea. The modern and intimate facility is located just 50 meters from the sandy Sopot beach. Anyone visiting SPA Testa can relax in the midst of the sound of water and regenerate strength using treatments based on marine minerals. Therapists carefully select the treatments of luxury brands Skeyndor and Kurland to the individual needs of each guest, ensuring their comfort. The SPA offer includes face care therapies for various skin types and ages. In addition, the menu card includes treatments and relaxing and nourishing body rituals with sea salt, vegetable oils and micronized algae. In addition, guests can take advantage of the extensive massage offer, among others exceptional massage with hot shells.

Address: ul. Kilińskiego 11a, 81-772 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 717 68 50, +48 722 221 216
Mail: info@hoteltesta.pl
Web page: www.hoteltesta.pl

Wellness Marea

Wellness Marea is a newly created place in the Willa Marea hotel, just 150m from the beach.
We know how important balance, rest and care at the level of body and mind are in life. Therefore, when creating this place, our intention was to enchant your every sense and invite you to our enchanted world of wellness. Here you will find the World of Ayurveda massage, reflexology, beauty treatments and rituals on prestigious spa brands: Klapp Cosmetics, Mary Cohr, Purles, podiatry and Access Bars therapeutic processes.
It is possible to purchase home care products, gift vouchers and stay packages.
What distinguishes us is the fact that the place was created by therapists out of passion for their work and looking for the perfect place for their implementation, which makes Wellness Marea unique.

Address: Chrobrego 38, 81-775 Sopot (entrance from Parkowa 40)
• face care, permanent makeup - 570 177 800
• body massages - 505 951 308
• reflexology - 512 381 988
• podiatry - 691 571 88
Mail: rezerwacje@marea.sopot.pl
Website: www.marea.sopot.pl

Prana Spa Premium

(Hotel Rezydent Sopot MGallery)

is a small pearl of Orient in the heart of the Sopot resort that will take you to the world of relaxation from the Far East, just with one touch. Get Thai massage stretching your body and giving you energy for the next challenges of everyday life or Balinese relaxation that releases tension and puts your mind in a state of calm and peace. You can also take care of your skin on various beauty treatments and relax in sauna.

Choose the relaxation that is best for you. Convenient location. Unique interiors. Seasonal offers. Packages for two.

Address: Plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3, 81-704 Sopot
Phone: +48 508 430 300
Mail: mgrs@pranaspapremium.pl
Website: rezydentsopotmgallery.pl/spa

Neroli Clinic & Spa

(Hotel Eureka)

Discover Neroli Clinic & Spa where you can take care of your face and body or just enjoy some relax after a hard day. Neroli Clinic & SPA is an extraordinary place inspired by the most fashionable perfume note from great creators. Neroli – it is a scent of Rome, a scent of Seville and Tuscany, and now also a scent of our Clinic!

Neroli Clinic & SPA is a place where we feel with every sense, where trends in cosmetology meet the unique aura of the clinic, sensuality, mutual kindness, sensitivity and joy from the achieved results. The following statement is close to us: “A woman wearing a scent does not feel naked.” Each visit to the clinic, apart from giving blissful pleasure, is aimed at the main goal-building and strengthening self-confidence. At Neroli Clinic & Spa, we use the highest technology equipment to meet your requirements and achieve the expected results. Thanks to technologically advanced equipment, you can count on safety and effects.

Address: Emilii Plater 7, 81-777 Sopot
Phone: + 48 512 798 798
Mail: neroli.recepcja@gmail.com
Website: www.neroliclinic.pl


The only saunas on the beach in Poland are an amazing attraction not only for sauna fans. M15 organizes aromatic sessions and sauna events. it is possible to buy ticket, pass or to book the sauna exclusively.
Aromatic sessions (warm-up, cleansing, meditation with Tibetan bowls, highway to hell) are held during regular visits to the saunas on designated days and at designated times. The screening is included in the regular ticket price. Aroma sessions also accompany events organized in saunas.
Several times a year, in December-February, there are also organized Sauna Nights. These are unique events during which participants enjoy aromatic sessions in saunas several times during the evening. In between, they have delicious food and drinks at their disposal. In addition to sauna, there are additional attractions during the event, such as fire or laser shows.
It is also possible to rent a sauna for a closed event.

Address: Mamuszki 15, 81-718 Sopot
Phone: +48 720 827 827
Mail: kontakt@m15.sopot.pl
Website: www.m15.sopot.pl

Sopot Yoga

Address: Morska 11a/1 , 81-764 Sopot
Phone: +48 608 342 516
Mail: info@sopotyoga.pl
Website: sopotyoga.pl


Klub Fitness ZDROFIT Sopot - Sopot Centrum
Address: Dworcowa 7, 81-704 Sopot
Phone: 531 492 190
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 9.00–23.00, Saturday–Sunday.: 7.00–22.00

SmartGym: Gdańsk Gdynia Sopot
Address: Józefa Czyżewskiego 5, 81-706 Sopot
Phone: 22 041 35 88

Pit Gym
Address: Władysława Cieszyńskiego 22, 81-881 Sopot
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 8.30–21.00, Saturday: 10.00–15.00

Home of Balance
Address: Armii Krajowej 111, 81-824 Sopot
Phone: 58 523 12 70
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 8.00–21.00, Saturday–Sunday: 9.00–20.00

CrossFit Trójmiasto
Address: 3 Maja 69C, 81-855 Sopot
Phone: 790 730 300
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 7.00–21.00, Saturday: 8.00–13.00

Address: Aleja Niepodległości 697/701, 81-853 Sopot
Phone: 503 126 122
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 7.00–22.00, Saturday–Sunday: 9.00–18.00

Smart Gym
Address: Powstańców Warszawy 12/14, 81-718 Sopot
Phone: 509 910 102

Playground and gym
Address: Adama Mickiewicza 55, 81-866 Sopot
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 7.00–22.00, Saturday: 7.00–15.00

Outdoor gyms and playgrounds

  • Okrężna 4A, 81-822 Sopot
  • Mikołaja Reja 14, 81-874 Sopot
  • Aleja Franciszka Mamuszki 21, 81-718 Sopot
  • Powstańców Warszawy, 81-718 Sopot
  • Bitwy pod Płowcami, 81-731 Sopot
  • Moniuszki 9, 81-829 Sopot
  • Oskara Kolberga 12, 81-881 Sopot
  • Bitwy pod Płowcami 25, Sopot

Shops with health food and natural medicinal products

• Martii. Ciapczyńska-Duma G.
Address: Aleja Niepodległości 807, 81-810 Sopot
Phone: 58 551 10 14
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 10.00-18.00, sob.: 10.00-14.00, niedz.: zamknięte

Address: 3 Maja 18, 81-847 Sopot
Phone: 538 270 309
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 9.00-18.00, Saturday: 9.00-14.00, Sunday: closed

• Naturalnie.legal
Address: Kościuszki 10, 81-704 Sopot
Phone: 577 178 108
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 9.00-19.00, Saturday: 10.00-15.00, Sunday: closed

• Sklep ze zdrową żywnością
Address: Aleja Niepodległości 807, 81-810 Sopot

• Herba-Sopot. Sklep zielarski. Zięba S.
Address: Podjazd 3, 81-805 Sopot
Phone: 58 551 39 75
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 10.00-17.00, Saturday – Sunday: closed

• Neofarma.pl - sklep zielarski
Address: Smolna 1D, 81-877 Sopot
Phone: 518 650 512
Open hours: Mon.- Fri.: 9.00-17.00, Saturday: 9.30 – 14.00, Sunday: closed