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Spa facilities

Spa facilities


Sopot is undoubtedly the most beautiful resort in Poland today. Nothing happens by accident, the city has worked for this position. The effort pays off, and one hundred years of tradition and consistency in action pay off.

Already in the nineteenth century, patients who wanted to improve their health thanks to healing baths were coming to Sopot. Over time, the offer of the Sopot baths was extended by massages and dry baths, as well as radiation. The status of the international resort of Sopot gained in the interwar period. The treatments for the Polish sea were coming from all over Europe and the visit in Sopot was not only beneficial for health, but also in many circles obligatory for social reasons.

Currently, there are over a dozen high-class SPA centers operating in Sopot. The range of services offered by them can surprise with wealth and diversity. Both enthusiasts of exotic massages and more traditional treatments will find something for themselves. What undoubtedly connects Sopot spa and wellness centers is to base a significant part of the offer on the richness of the sea. Salts, amber and sea algae are an irreplaceable basis for many unique treatments.

The natural wealth of Sopot is above all the seaside climate, attractive location, green areas constituting 60% of the city’s area and sources of healing mineral waters. You can enjoy the spa qualities of the city at every turn. The concentration of iodine is even twice as high on the furthest-off parts of the Sopot Pier. In the Southern Park, characteristic mushroom-shaped fountains await walkers. The salt brine flowing from them (supplied from the Saint Adalbert’s Spa, where it flows automatically from a depth of 800 m) is used for inhalation with chronic inflammatory and allergic airways. Specially diluted brine can also be tried in the Salt Water Pump Room, located on the top floor of the Spa House.


Balneology – what does it do and what treatments it offers?

Balneology is one of the oldest fields of medicine. This science deals with the study of curative properties of groundwater and peat. In addition, it determines when and at what diseases it can bring relief to patients and support classical therapy. Minerals contained in groundwater can penetrate deep into the skin and alleviate ailments of some chronic diseases. These types of therapies not only heal but also improve the appearance of the skin.

Balneology is very popular mainly in sanatoriums and spas. In Poland, it boasts rich deposits of curative mineral waters. The most common waters are: chloride-sodium, bicarbonate, sulfide-sulfhydrogen, radon and thermal waters. They have a rich chemical composition and are ideal for therapeutic baths and inhalations, irrigation and drinking cures. The following baths are used in balneotherapy: brine, carbonic, sulphide and sulphide, radium.

Balneology offers hydrotherapy treatments that use water rich in various nutrients, including sulfur, sodium and magnesium. In balneology, treatments are carried out in the form of inhalations, drinking cures with the use of spa water (so-called crenotherapy) and irrigation. However, swimming is the most popular. Balneology also carries out peloidotherapy treatments in which mud is used. The following mud therapies are known: bath, wraps, sackcloth, mud tampons, and mud treatment.

Among the most well-known baths are: mud, needlefish and pearl. Saline baths that contain a lot of sodium ions, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, potassium, calcium and bromine are very popular. They are recommended for rheumatic, gynecological, neurological diseases and orthopedic-traumatic ailments.


Sopot Mineral Spring

Adres: Plac Zdrojowy 2

In Sopot, mineral spring waters flow naturally from the Saint Wojciech Spring which is found at a depth of 800m below the city. The waters are a 4.3 percent bromide and iodine natural brine, which also contain significant amounts of potassium, magnesium and iodine. The waters, in a diluted form (20 times), can also be sampled in the Mineral Water Tasting Room found on the third floor of the Spa House. In the resort’s beautifully restored Southern Park and Gardens, walkers will find picturesque fountains, known locally as ‘inhalation mushrooms’ from which flows Sopot mineral spring water. The air here is used to treat inflammation and allergies of the upper respiratory tract.

Balneological Department

The plant is located in the Pomeranian rheumatic center. Dr. Jadwiga titz-kosko in sopot on ul. Grunwaldzka 1-3, before entering the pier, and from 1982 I am in the register of monuments.

The construction of the building began in 1903 and was completed in 1904. It was designed by paul puchmüller and heinrich dunkiel. Before the balneological facility, the area was occupied by Jerzy Haffner's swimming pool. On the wall of the plant there is a plaque in memory of Jerzy Haffner. The building object is decorated with sculptures and stained glass windows. The siren and triton sculptures, as well as the city coat of arms, which is the oldest in the sopce, have been placed above its main portal. The Secession stained-glass windows of Ferdinand Müller from Quedlinburg are on the windows of the treatment rooms. The chimney was enclosed with a tower, and at its top there is a glass viewing gallery. Previously, it also served as a lighthouse.

In the facility, you can use various treatments such as; brine baths, cryotherapy, kinesitherapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, inhalation and rehabilitation of motor organs. In front of the balneological plant there is a fountain, from which water is pumped from the spa of St. Adalbert.

Kategoria: SPA
Adres: ul. Grunwaldzka 1/3, 81-807 Sopot
Telefon: +48 58 555 75 20
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Center for Therapy, Education and Sports Activation

run by the "Sport na Zdrowie" Foundation

Innovative therapies for civilization diseases among children (asthma, atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases, obesity, posture defects and neurological diseases) and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through sport activity and health education with Sopot brine in the background is a mission
Sport on Health Foundation
Center for Therapy, Education and Sports Activation.

The resort is located in the Sopot Sailing Center at ul. Bitwy pod Płowców 67. The property has modern
brine pool with Sopot brine derived from Zdrój Saint. Wojciech, treatment base, doctor's offices and sport infrastructure.

We run rehabilitation and improvement classes for children and Halliwick rehabilitation at the brine pool. In addition, the Center runs the Academy of Movement Activity and sailing classes for children with both civilization diseases and pronounced disability. As part of cooperation with the Polanki Children's Hospital Maciej Płażyński in Gdańsk, during cyclical educational meetings at the Atopy School and the Asthma School, we help families get to know and tame these diseases.

Center for Therapy, Education and Sports Activation is the only place in Poland where we not only help to heal, but also support families and teach how to manage the disease.

Category: rehabilitation of children, brine pool, rehabilitation of children with lifestyle diseases and pronounced disability
Address: ul. Bitwy pod Płowcami 67, 81-731 Sopot
Phone: + 48 539 621 647
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Orchid Health and Beauty Center

The only hospital in the thicket of Sopot tenement houses. The Orchid Health and Beauty Center is a modern clinic located in the center of Sopot, the main specialty of which is plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. There are also consultations and treatments in the field of dermatology and venous diseases, urology and general surgery as well as treatment of obesity. What is extremely important here is the empathic, even family approach to the patient and understanding his needs, as well as full professionalism in the performance of treatments, which manifests itself here in safety, modernity and comfort.

Category: hospital, treatment room
Selected treatments: consultation on general surgery, consultation on oncological surgery, gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, gastrin bypass surgery, consultation on the treatment of hernia

Address: ul. Jan Jerzy Haffner 10/2, 81-717 Sopot
Phone: +48 604 073 888, +48 58 526 56 72


Grand SPA

The unique Grand SPA, just above the sea, captivates with its quality, guaranteeing a rest like a dream. It offers exceptional, effective, health and beauty treatments, ensuring perfect well-being. The beautiful view from the pool to the sea and pier soothes the senses and allows you to relax in the vicinity of waves and sea breeze. Our treatments are performed using high quality cosmetics from Elemis, Sothys and Andre Zagozda. In addition, we have created the Grand SPA, the SoFIT gym and the wellness center for you, because we know how important relaxation and biological regeneration are for health and comfort.

Category: SPA, treatment room, wellness zone
Selected treatments: massages, face care, etc. - up to 10 items
Additional information: swimming pool, gym, fitness classes, sauna, hammam, WIFI, parking

Address: ul. Powstańców Warszawy 12/14, 81-718 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 520 60 85

Hotel Haffner SPA

Harmonious atmosphere prevailing at the SPA & Wellness Institute promotes relaxation and restoration of vitality. Professional SPA treatments tailored to individual needs, massages, saunas and soothing water in the pool enable full recovery of stress and achieving harmony. A team of experienced massage therapists, physiotherapists, beauticians and trainers supervises the comfortable relaxation of the guests. We provide professional care and professional support at the swimming pool, in beauty salons and at the gym. We work on the best equipment and cosmetics from prestigious global brands.

Kategoria: SPA, basen, gabinet zabiegowy
Wybrane zabiegi: masaże, endermologia, fizjoterapia, pielęgnacja twarzy, manicure/ pedicure
Dodatkowe informacje: basen, WIFI, restauracja, bar, siłownia, sauna sucha, sauna parowa, jacuzzi

Adres: ul. Haffnera 59, 81-715 Sopot
Telefon: +48 58 550 98 53
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Mera SPA

Mera Spa consisting of 35 treatment rooms, 4 swimming pools, including the only on the Polish coast, an open swimming pool on the hotel's roof (available only for guests over 16 years of age). The PANORAMA viewing terrace and the swimming pool located there are open only in the summer season (depending on weather conditions).

RELAX THIS IMPORTANT! Do you know that you need rest as well as food and traffic?
Remember your needs - regular physical and mental hygiene is essential to be able to face the hardships of everyday life. Rested people are beautiful people.

Kategoria: SPA, wellness
Wybrane zabiegi: masaże, pielęgnacja twarzy, dla kobiet w ciąży, rytuały kąpielowe, męskie spa, spa dla dzieci i nastolatków, day spa, zabiegi kosmetyczne, oferty specjalne
Dodatkowe informacje: basen, WIFI, aqua aerobic, nordic walking, joga, sauna, jacuzzi wewnętrzne i jacuzzi zewnętrzne, basen infinity na dachu hotelu

Adres: ul. Bitwy pod Płowcami, 81-731 Sopot
Telefon: +48 58 766 60 80
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ReNew Institute Sopot

The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology ReNew are the best specialists and carefully selected, modern technologies - everything is subordinated to one goal: we make the beauty and youth come back to you and stay on longer!

We provide a full spectrum of services in the field of aesthetic medicine, cosmetology and SPA. We specialize in planning individual programs and carrying out anti-aging treatments, facial and body skin care and body shaping. We use innovative methods of fat tissue removal and firming of the skin, as well as stress relief and regenerating treatments. They are the highest quality services, identical to those provided at the best clinics in Europe and in the world.

Kategoria: Medycyna estetyczna, SPA, kosmetologia, salon kosmetyczny, zdrowie
Wybrane zabiegi:  - Icoone Laser, Vela Shape III, HIFU-Utims, Epilacja Soprano Ice,, Attiva, ZO Skin Health, Intraceuticals, Karboksyterapia, Mezoterapia, Botoks, Wypełnienia kwasem hialuronowym.
Dodatkowe informacje: WIFI, winda, przystosowane dla osób niepełnosprawnych, klimatyzacja,  łazienka z prysznicem.

Adres: ul. Dworcowa 7, budynek C piętro 2, 81-704 Sopot
Telefon: +48 728 900 067
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Sheraton Sopot Spa

Sheraton Spa offers a wide range of treatments using professional cosmetic lines Dermalogica and Ella Bache. The spa offers 11 private offices, including one dedicated to couples in which experienced therapists ensure that selected body massage becomes a pleasant moment of relaxation and tranquility. In addition to many treatments and massages, Sheraton Spa invites you to the Spa Experience, the only such wellness area in Sopot. The guests will enjoy the relaxing world of swimming pools and saunas, including the Infrared sauna and the unique Rasul chamber for couples, sensory showers, a hydropool with an admixture of Sopot brine and heated couches. Sheraton Spa is also a place of active recreation. A fully equipped Sheraton Fitness gym, personal trainers and a gym with classes in small groups, allow you to take care of the body and good mood.

Kategoria: SPA, obiekt uzdrowiskowy, gabinety zabiegowe, siłownia, basen, jacuzzi, sauna
Wybrane zabiegi: masaże, pielęgnacja twarzy i ciała, kosmetyka profesjonalna, manicure, pedicure, konsultacje
Dodatkowe informacje: basen, WIFI, siłownia, zajęcia fitness, sauna, łaźnia, jacuzzi, Rasul

Adres: ul. Powstańców Warszawy, 81-718, Sopot
Telefon: +48 58 767 19 00
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SPA w Aquapark Sopot

Świat Saun and Aqua Spa in Aquapark Sopot is a place where you can, among others use various types of saunas (8 to choose from), massages, beauty treatments, a tepidarium or a relaxation room.
Spa treatments were created for all those who want to take a step towards vitality choosing their favorite rituals. The suggestions included in the menu are carefully selected treatments and SPA ceremonies for the body and face. Each of them is unique - each of them will affect you differently. Feel the beauty and harmony.
The world of relaxation, tranquility and comfort is in this place.

Kategoria: SPA
Wybrane zabiegi: masaże, pielęgnacja twarzy, kąpiele lecznicze
Dodatkowe informacje: basen, restauracja, zajęcia fitness, sauny, jacuzzi, solarium, siłownia

Adres: Zamkowa Góra 5, 81-713, Sopot
Telefon: + 48 58 555 85 23, +48 508 263 439
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Spa&Wellness Hotel Sopot ****

The luxurious Botanical Wellness & Day Spa at the Hotel Sopot proves in an unusual way how the whole body is composed of the senses and mind. We believe that free time is the quintessence of luxury. That is why we are so committed to working closely with you to understand the uniqueness of your needs and to make the time spent with us truly memorable. Botanical Wellness Day Spa will make you feel deep satisfaction, a kind of renewal and completely nourished body, mind and soul. We have 5 treatment rooms, where you can undergo treatments specially prepared for you by our specialists.

Category: SPA, spa, massage, beauty and cosmetic treatments, aesthetic medicine
Selected treatments: massages, face care, relaxing treatments, beauty treatments, saunas, fitness, pool & chillout zone, manicure and pedicure
Additional information: swimming pool, WIFI, restaurant, bar, gym, fitness classes, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi

Address: Jana Jerzego Haffner 88, 81-715 Sopot
Phone: + 48 58 882 80 28

SPA Hotel Testa*****

SPA Testa is deeply connected with the Baltic Sea. The modern and intimate facility is located just 50 meters from the sandy Sopot beach. Anyone visiting SPA Testa can relax in the midst of the sound of water and regenerate strength using treatments based on marine minerals. Therapists carefully select the treatments of luxury brands Skeyndor and Kurland to the individual needs of each guest, ensuring their comfort. The SPA offer includes face care therapies for various skin types and ages. In addition, the menu card includes treatments and relaxing and nourishing body rituals with sea salt, vegetable oils and micronized algae. In addition, guests can take advantage of the extensive massage offer, among others exceptional massage with hot shells.

Category: SPA, spa, hospital, treatment room
Selected treatments:
massages, face care, body care
Additional information:
Jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam room, relaxation area, gym

Address: ul. Kilińskiego 11a, 81-772 Sopot
Phone: +48 58 717 68 50, +48 722 221 216
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