Canoes is an imposing sculptural composition by Tomasz Krupiński, composed of two depictions of boats left on the shore, juxtaposed diagonally in the plane of the green. The oblong, slender shapes give the impression of being extremely light. The installation is made of steel: the hulls of the boats are made of segments of metal, while actual canoes were traditionally carved out or burned out from a single tree trunk. They dynamically cross the space, and their raised bows bring to mind Viking ships.

Tomasz Krupiński, an artist from Podlasie in north-eastern Poland, is a graduate of the High School of Fine Arts in Supraśl and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Today, he divides his life between studios in Gdańsk and Cannes. He is a painter, sculptor and designer of furniture and interiors. He uses various materials, such as steel, wood, stones or resin, to create his works. He designed the interiors of well-known Tri-City clubs, SPATiF and Sfinks in Sopot, and Deluxe Station in Wrzeszcz. His projects can also be found in Amsterdam, Cannes, Qatar and many other places around the world.

Author: Tomasz Krupiński (1968 – )
Date: 2001
Technique: steel