This seemingly ordinary block of stone surprises the viewer with an interesting approach to the portrait. After carefully studying the sculpture, you can discover a female face turned upwards towards the sun. This is suggested by the characteristic position of the head and the closed eyelids. Over time, the facial features have faded somewhat. This sculpture was created during one of the outdoor sculpture workshops in Wdzydze Kiszewskie in the late 1970s. The artist said that he carved in stones because the essence of life was enchanted in them. They are part of nature, the nature that constantly fascinated him.

Michał Gałkiewicz was born in 1932 in Zgierz. He was among the most famous and respected sculpture artists in Łódź. From 1951–1956 he studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (diploma in 1959), where he later became the head of the Sculpture Studio. He created intimate, monumental and architectural sculptures; he worked in wood, stone, concrete, ceramics and metal. He was a laureate of many awards and distinctions at national exhibitions and competitions. Michał Gałkiewicz died in 2020 in Łódź.

Author: Michał Gałkiewicz (1932- 2020)
Date: 1976
Technique: granite