The Seed is a vertical sculpture mounted on another stone block. It was made in granite by Lore Nynnell at an international open-air sculpture workshop in 1993. Then the artist donated it to the city of Sopot. The shape extracted from the hard material gained a geometric pattern of angular cuts on the edges of the solid. The sculptress works mainly in stone, sometimes adding other materials and media, such as glass, metal, plexiglass, water or light. She emphasises that the creative process is meditative for her.

Lore Nynnell was born in 1946 in Denmark. She grew up in Brazil and has lived in Sweden since 1982. She graduated from Meginskolan Art School in Denmark and Sweden (1976–1982). The artist is also interested in other fields of culture; she was involved in various theatrical and performative activities, experimental creative projects, played bass and sang in an avant-garde music band. Brought up in love with nature, she often integrates her sculptural works into the natural surroundings. She has a gallery and a sculpture park at her home in Gamleby. Many of the artist’s works decorate public spaces and buildings, and are also in museum and private collections.

Author: Lore Nynnell (1946-)
Date: 1993
Technique: granite