White Venus

Sculptural Female Nude, a work by Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt, depicts the torso of a woman in a standing position, from the knees to the neck, without a head and without arms. It might seem as though the statue has been transported from antiquity to our times, and this association is further suggested by the title of the work itself, chosen by the artist – “White Venus,” also known as “Leaning,” originally cast in plaster in 1960. Recently, it has been reborn in a material referred to as artificial stone.

The figure embodies the dignity of ancient statues while enchanting with its natural beauty and sensuality. Its compact form, with soft modeling and a shape defined by undulating lines, has perfectly balanced proportions. Although the silhouette is slightly twisted and leans slightly forward, the composition is harmonious, exuding calmness and harmony. The sculpture of “White Venus,” the Roman goddess of love, conveys the universal truth of enduring timeless enchantment with the beauty of nature.

Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt was born in 1930 in Warsaw. She comes from a family with multi-generational artistic traditions – among her relatives from the Stefanowicz, Padlewski, and Schmidt families were architects, musicians, painters, sculptors, and poets. She graduated under Professor Stanisław Horno-Popławski. After studying at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (today’s Academy of Fine Arts), she worked there as an educator from 1954 to 2001. In 1976, she founded and led the Workshop of Medallic Art and Small Sculptural Forms for many years. She is the author of numerous sculptures in public spaces and interiors, including sacred ones. For several decades, she actively participated in the artistic life in the country and abroad, from her work on the reconstruction of Gdańsk’s Main Town to exhibitions, plein-airs, and competitions. Since 1948, she has been living in Sopot.

Artist: Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt, “White Venus” / “Leaning” Original Date: 1960, Material: plaster / Cast 2023, Material: artificial stone Location: North Park, al. Mamuszki / ul. Powstańców Warszawy