This small female torso is an intimate work by Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt. The subtle presentation captivates with its delicacy and naturalness while exuding certainty and strength. With a flowing, wavy line, the artist outlined the shape of a seated, headless female figure. The smooth, gleaming white surface of the sculpture became a field of play of light and shadow. The work reveals the artist’s admiration for nature and sensitivity to its beauty.

Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt was born in Warsaw in 1930. She comes from a family with many generations of artistic tradition. Among her relatives from the Stefanowicz, Padlewski and Schmidt families, there were and are architects, musicians, painters, sculptors and poets. She is a graduate student of Professor Stanisław Horno-Popławski. After studying at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (today’s Academy of Fine Arts), she worked there as a teacher from 1954 to 2001. In 1976, she founded and ran the Medal and Small Sculptural Forms Studio for many years. Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt is a creator of many sculptures in open spaces and interiors, including churches. For several dozen years, she has been highly active in artistic life in Poland and abroad, from work on the reconstruction of Gdańsk’s Main Town to exhibitions, open-air workshops and competitions. She has been living in Sopot since 1948.

Co-financed under the Program of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko entitled “Sculpture in Public Space for Independent Poland – 2022” with funding from the budget of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Project name: Stanisław Horno-Popławski (1902-1997) on the 120th anniversary of his birth, and his students, the Hornianki.”

Author: Janina Stefanowicz-Schmidt (1930-)
Date: 1964
Technique: gypsum