How to join Sopot Tourist Organization?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the full documentation of the Sopot Tourist Organization, in particular:
    • Statute of the Sopot Tourist Organization from 19/06/2018
    • Membership fees
  2. Download and fill in the documents:
    • Member declaration
    • Information questionnaire for SOT members
  3. In the case of accommodation facilities, please attach:
    • Copy of accommodation decisions (for hotels, motels, guesthouses, camps, holiday homes, shelters or youth hostels)
    • copy of the certificate of registration of the object in the municipal register of centers providing hotel services (applies to other accommodation facilities)
    • Declaration on collecting spa fees
  4. Originals of completed documents with attachments, signed by authorized persons in accordance with the registration document, should be delivered to the Sopocka Organizacja Turystyczna office

Sopot Tourist Organization
Ul. Plac Zdrojowy 2 (second floor, access via a panoramic lift)
81-720 Sopot
Tel. (+48)  501 590 773

Please make a legible signature on all documents, indicating the name and the function of the person submitting the signature.

  1. Admission of the entity to the membership of the Sopot Tourist Organization is based on a resolution adopted by the Association Council
  2. Information on making a decision regarding the acceptance or refusal to accept an entity as a member of the Sopot Tourist Organization is sent on the day following the adoption of the relevant resolution by the SOT Council.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office.

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