The Head of Crucified

The highly stylised Head of the Crucified by Alfons Łosowski brings sculptures from Romanesque churches to mind. A face with schematically marked features emerges from the stone block. The broadly smiling face is framed by lush wavy hair fancifully carved in stone. A shallowly engraved zigzag in the clearly separated upper part symbolises the Crown of Thorns. The artist preferred to carve in hard stone, such as granite or basalt, and wood. Eight of his sculptures were exhibited in Sopot’s North Park.

Alfons Łosowski was born in 1908 in Orkiewicze (now in Belarus). He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Stefan Bathory University in Vilnius (now Vilnius University) in the studio of Professor Henryk Kuna. In World War II, he was a soldier of the Vilnius District Home Army. After the war, he settled in Gdańsk, where he worked on the reconstruction of the city, reconstructing sculptures decorating the facades of the tenement houses in the Main Town. From 1955, he devoted himself to his own art in his studio at ul. Mariacka 11/13, Gdańsk. Alfons Łosowski made several outdoor sculptures in Gdańsk and many sculptural works in Poland and abroad, in outdoor locations, public buildings, and in museum and private collections. The artist died in Gdańsk in 1988.

Author: Alfons Łosowski (1908- 1988)
Date: 1968
Technique: granite